About me

I’m currently a junior at Yale, and I plan on majoring in applied mathematics.

Outside of classes, I’m involved in a couple of organizations. This fall, I’m cofounding Data4Humanity, which is aimed at pairing students interested in applied data science with social organizations. I’m also working to kick off the Yale branch of Common Cents, where we work on making financial literacy and personal finance more accessible. Since last fall, I’ve also been working on developing CourseTable, Yale’s student-built courses browser, as part of YCS. Clubs aside, I also work on computational cancer genomics, where I work on analyzing high-throughput data from cancer cell lines.

In high school, I participated in MIT PRIMES, through which I interned at the cancer genomics branch of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. In particular, I helped with the computational characterization of the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia with Drs. Mahmoud Ghandi and Franklin Huang. My analysis on the data yielded by the CCLE has so far been detailed in two published papers: one in Nature in which we announce and survey the second release of the CCLE, and one in Molecular Cancer Research in which we discuss the transcriptomic profiles of cell lines with mutations in the telomerase promoter.